Globe decoration love

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As long-time travelers, we love maps and globes all around the house. They satisfy our wanderlust at least a tiny bit while we are not on the road and inspire us to find our next destination. Any nomad’s home should have one, two, or a few globes for decoration at … Continue reading Globe decoration love

Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina: a sweet escape from the busy city. Incredibly exotic and beautiful, indeed. One time I went with my friend German and his friend Diego, then I took my Mom when she was visiting. Continue reading

Bull Fights in Spain

Travelling is about experiences, and while visiting new places, you are supposed to take in and experience as much as possible. I cannot get enough of travelling and trying new things and, after all, curiosity might be my number one reason to travel. I have tried countless odd food, drinks, and rituals in my journeys … Continue reading Bull Fights in Spain

1° de Agosto = It’s my birthday. Wow! I am officially 23. Those of you who know me have heard me say that I don’t like becoming older, but actually I do. I love to have been where I have been and done what I have done. I am lucky to be able to say … Continue reading

Everything changes

They say the best thing about travelling is coming back home. According to a song by Orelsan, the world must be round because after travelling the world all you want is to be at home. It is true. While spending time abroad, you naturally miss home. For me that home is Berlin. And I always … Continue reading Everything changes

Taken on a roadtrip from Montevideo to Cabo Polonio, in the province of Rocha. Such a small country, and yet so empty. We took a short break half way in the small town of Rocha. You can read the whole story of my lucky day in the post about my trip to Uruguay. Continue reading